We’re excited to say our new album ‘Alpha’ is released today!

“This album is a collection of demos from the early days of KashKin that I wrote, recorded and produced at Stanton Studios in Hobart. Whilst they were never intended as final releasable versions, I think they capture the excitement and immediacy of new music coming to life, and are a good representation of how I wanted the songs to sound and feel. It can be hard sometimes to replicate and capture that initial spark of a song coming together, but I think these versions manage to do that – despite, or perhaps because of, the rawness and roughness of some of the parts and mixes!

The playing and singing on the majority of the tracks is just Kalo and myself, but joined by Rod, Mat, Ruth, Sean and the Fox on the others. The album includes a bonus live version of ‘Jet Set’ recorded live at the Moonah Arts Centre.

Glyn, March 2018

Available from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify etc.

Hey guys! We’ll be playing at the fabulous Street Eats Franko in Hobart this Friday night so come and see us if you’re out and about – we’ll be on from 6:30 to 8:30.

See you there!